San Diego Pinup | Mini Studio Sessions

For those of you who don’t know me, my family and I will be leaving the San Diego area in about 5 months. It’s both a sad and happy thing. Sad in that I am a SoCal girl at heart (I grew up in Santa Barbara), and I really do love San Diego and so many things about it. But happy in that as of right now, the move will take us back to Japan which I also very much miss. And if I could combine best of the two, I would never, ever, want to live anywhere else.

Anyway, with this move, I feel like I may have a difficult time in shooting boudoir which is what I’ve been mainly putting all of my efforts in for the past year and a half, and I believe I’ve made some pretty decent headway with it. It’s something that I enjoy doing for many reasons, but mainly I love the transformation of these women who may or may not already know how beautiful they are, and what we are able to do together to show them exactly how beautiful they are. But moving overseas also means I loose my studio, unless I’m fortunate enough to find a large home that has the ability to set up a studio in it, which – in all honesty, is not highly probable. The alternative would be to rent a love motel or hotel room, but even then, space can somewhat be lacking. So for now, I’m concentrating on building up my portfolio in genres that I think may be best received that I can shoot on location.

This is a recent development, which started just 2 weekends ago with my first specialized client shoot…pin up. It was a mini session complete with props, but hair and makeup had to be done off site, by a hair and MUA, or by the client themselves.

And although I realize these were done in the comfort of my own studio, I had to start somewhere. Perhaps in a month or two, I’ll try again, with full sessions on location.

In the meantime, please take a moment to enjoy a couple sample shots from the girls that graced us with their presence during our last pinup session!

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Foodie Friday – Tidal – Paradise Point, San Diego

And here we are! Another Foodie Friday…I’m on a roll!

This past weekend we went to Tidal, a local restaurant on the waters of Mission Bay in Paradise Point for brunch. Plenty of parking, gorgeous indoor decor, and beautiful views on the outside patio. You can even walk right off the patio on to the sand!

The little one had delicious french toast from the children’s menu, hubby had the Blackforest Ham and Cheese, and I had the Baja Stone Crab Benedict. All were absolutely AMAZING. But I’d have to say that the Crab Benedict was the best. Delicious crab on top of a potato cake was a surprisingly delicious change from your standard English muffin.

The also had bottomless mimosas, in which we didn’t partake, but the bloody marys hit the spot.

Enough of my rambling…here are the pics from our visit….

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Homecoming – J Family

I hold Homecoming sessions very near and dear to my heart. It may be someone else’s loved ones returning home, but I know the feeling of excitement and anticipation all to well.

I was very touched and honored to have Mrs. J contact me to capture these special moments for her. And even more so when she told me that this was her first one ever. And do you want me to throw even more special details into this story? They also had sweet baby S. Daddy WAS fortunate to meet baby S before he left, but nothing compares to being with your little ones as they grow.

Sure, you get to miss the sleepless nights, crying fits, diaper blow outs, and the other not-so-fun stuff that comes with having a baby, but every sailor dad I’ve ever met swears to me that they would gladly switch places to give mom a break if they could. Pictures, emails, phone calls…nothing even comes close to comparing. That’s one of the many sacrifices that these men and women make to serve our country.

So, without further ado, I’ll share a few of their moments with you.

Welcome home, Mr. J!















Foodie Friday – Sea Bass with Artichoke Risotto and Oysters Rockafeller

If you’ve never had my husband cook for you, you’re definitely missing out.

This week’s #FoodieFriday we stay at home.

One of my husband’s all-time favorite fish is Sea Bass. Sometimes he goes extra gourmet with it, and other times he tones it down a bit. This week’s catch was simply seasoned with black pepper and himilayan sea salt, pan fried, and placed on a bed of homemade artichoke risotto, and I’ve got to say it was so good I could have been happy with either of them on their own. And, of course, he likes to make his dishes pretty, so there’s a little green onion on top for color.

But my favorite of the night were the oysters rockafeller. Mind you that he rarely cooks from a recipe. It’s a lot of “hmmm…I think I’ll just throw some of this in there” and not so much measuring.

So here’s a bit of the recipe that I came up with from watching what he did…

A dozen oysters, steamed
1/4 stick of butter, garlic, and onions sauteed with a little lemon juice
Add in about a cup of breadcrumbs (store bought..we aren’t THAT fancy)
Throw in some fresh spinach (a couple of handfuls from what I could tell)
Add a few chopped strips of bacon
Top your oysters with the mixture, top with some fresh parmesan, and throw in the oven for a bit





Pan fried organic bacon

Pan fried organic bacon

Fresh organic spinach

Fresh organic spinach

Steamed Blue Point Oysters (live from #WholeFoods)

Steamed Blue Point Oysters (live from #WholeFoods)





Butter, garlic, onions, breadcrumbs

Butter, garlic, onions, breadcrumbs

Add mixture

Add mixture

Oysters Rockafeller | FoodieFriday | KRUSH Photography

Oysters Rockafeller | FoodieFriday | KRUSH Photography

Sea Bass Over Artichoke Risotto | FoodieFriday | KRUSH Photography

Sea Bass Over Artichoke Risotto | FoodieFriday | KRUSH Photography


Headshot Event

We had some wonderful clients attend our headshot event this past Sunday! What exactly was our headshot event? Well, it was a chance for our clients to update their headshot images for their #linkedin, #facebook, and other social media sites, as well as their business cards for an insanely discounted price. Not only that, but we offered makeup services by the very talented Margaret with #Ioderme. Why are updated headshot important? Because your image is a direct reflection of you…of course! People like to have a connection with the people we talk to. And we’re very visual beings. So think of it this way… If you’re a business owner, and your profile image has nothing to do with you, or maybe doesn’t reflect your personality, you’re likely to make a bad impression, or even no impression at all. And as an individual, if you were to apply for a job, or talk to another individual that you’ve never met, and your image is of a llama or a selfie you took in your bathroom, what do you think that’s going to say about you? We rely heavily on first impressions, so it’s important for yours to reflect you at your best, no? What does your profile picture or business card say about you?


KRUSH Photography Headshot San Diego

KRUSH Photography Headshot San Diego

KRUSH Photography Headshot San Diego

KRUSH Photography Headshot San Diego

KRUSH Photography Headshot San Diego

KRUSH Photography Headshot San Diego

Foodie Friday – First Post

Welcome to our first #FoodieFriday post!

Check back with us every Friday to see what we have to share with you that’s food related! It may be sharing a recent visit to a local restaurant, or a recent dinner prepared by my own personal chef (AKA, my husband), or (if you’re unlucky) myself.

Our first post will feature one of our favorite local restaurants, Slater’s 50/50. If you’re in San Diego and haven’t checked them out, you don’t know what you’re missing. Well, unless you’re vegan, in which case, you may want to bypass this, but really…it’s still pretty amazing. Actually, #Slaters5050 isn’t just local…they have several locations all over Southern California, and are drastically expanding.

With over a hundred draft beers (mainly craft) on tap, this place is incredible. Join them for their happy hour specials (currently 3:00-6:00 Mon-Fri and 10pm-close Sun-Thurs), you’ll be even happier.

And if the beer selection isn’t enough to bring you in, their 50/50 patty is sure to do the job.

What’s a 50/50 patty? Only heaven on a bun! It’s 50% ground beef, and 50%…wait for it…BACON. But if bacon isn’t on your top 10 favorite things of this world list, they do have MANY other options including turkey, and portabello mushrooms caps.

And although the have some pretty amazing burger creations, what I love about it is their “build your own” option. The options are endless. You could got 1000 times and not get the same exact burger if you wanted to. Plus, there’s always their Burger of the Month. This is always my husband’s favorite. I’m pretty sure he plans his year around these things…
BTW, this month’s burger was called Spice & Swine…absolutely delicious!

And if burgers aren’t your thing, there are many other options including awesome mac and cheeses, different flavored wings, salads, and many other choices.

So here are a few shots from our visit the other night, but be sure to visit their website for a full menu, up to date specials, and a little more about their background and mission.

And don’t forget to visit us every Friday for our newest #FoodieFriday post. Next week, it’ll be a special from my kitchen, and maybe even a recipe to share…we’ll see…


Foodie Friday

Foodie Friday



Lifestyle – L Family


These days I haven’t been shooting very many families…the concentration has been more on my high school seniors, boudoir, and glamour. And although I feel like these genres fit me the best, there is just something about capturing that family bond, and the innocence of childhood that will get me…every. single. time.


Kids are all unique, but at the same time, they’re the same. The laughter, the playfulness…makes me want to have another…um…almost. And then I realize that the playing field wouldn’t quite be fair when it’s just me with the kiddos. I always envision that situation where mom is tied or duct taped to a chair, and the kids are having a great time yelling and breaking the fine china. So in the meantime, I’m perfectly happy when a family lets me into their world of playfulness for a fraction of their day.


Last Saturday I was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to capture some beach moments with the L family. Lifestyle sessions are my favorite with little ones (outside of acting and modeling portfolio sessions). They tend to feel less stressed, and less pinned down, so they get to be themselves. They get to run, play, and sometimes eventually get soaked (haha!).


I hope you enjoy a few of the moments that were captured with this amazing family!

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San Diego Photographer | Glamour Session – Angie

You’ll notice over the next few weeks I will be working on getting the blog updated. Lot of stories and images to share – both business and personal, but I have been a little swamped.

So I want to start with sharing a few images from our session with the gorgeous Angie. I sometimes get clients that remind me of someone, and most of the time I can’t quite place who it is. For Angie, I feel like she looks a lot like Jennifer Garner. What do you think?

Angie is an amazing lady…both inside and out. She serves are military, is a mom, and just an overall sweet woman. And she is absolutely amazing in front of the camera. I get all sorts of clients – some are comfortable and need very little direction, some need some direction, and some need lots. And I can’t really say that I prefer one type over the other, to be honest. I think I just love my job too much. =) Anyway, Angie was a natural. I look forward to working with her again in the future!

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Senior Session – Andrew

Yes, I’m quite behind on my blogs (as my friends never fail to remind me…LOL!). So, let’s see if I can’t stick with this trend as I have with my 10+mile bike rides for the past 2-3 weeks. =)


Meet Andrew. Handsome Class of 2014 Senior. I had the pleasure of meeting this intelligent young man back in November (yes, November..*cringe*) during our mini Senior session on Windansea Beach. He was a good sport. I’ve rarely met a guy that really enjoys having his picture taken who wasn’t an actor or model, but Andrew definitely held his own!


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As time flies…

When was the last time you had your photos taken? No. Not “you” as in you took little Tommy, or Suzie, or Joey to get those adorable holiday/birthday/soccer/cheerleading photos taken…YOU. As in, look in the mirror. THAT person.

You would be surprised as to the number of people I’ve asked that responded with: “Oh, um…I THINK right after when Suzie was born,” (Suzie being the first kid of 3, I might add). Even worse: “Umm…my wedding day?”

We all know that time passes. And it passes fast. There aren’t enough hours in the day for me to get everything done I HAVE to do, let alone the things I WANT to do. If this doesn’t sound like you, you are definitely a superhero in my eyes.

I remember my son being born in the hospital, just like it was yesterday. I had toxemia, the nurse told me I was going to die (yeah, that’s a fun story for another day). After the doctor calmed me down and clarified things, I was worried about the poor puppy we had just bought being lonely. And I cried. A lot. About the puppy. And after my son was born, I looked at my then husband and said “I could do this again!” (yes, I was on meds). Yep! Just like it was yesterday.


My son is now SEVENTEEN. How many photos have I had taken between now and then? Probably not enough. Too many times I made excuses that I didn’t look the way I wanted. Too fat. Not enough sleep. My hair’s a mess. I’ve used more than my fair share of excuses.

But you know what? My kids don’t care. My daughter tells me at least once every couple of days that I’m beautiful. My husband too. Do I feel like a beauty queen? HELL NO. But this is how she sees me….and how she will want to remember me years down the road.

Memories are grand and all, but sometimes (especially as I’m getting upward in age) needs a little push.

So my point is, don’t keep putting off getting in those photos. You ARE beautiful to the people who love you, no matter how you feel about yourself. It doesn’t matter if those photos are professional or not. Although if you want to look extra good, I suggest hiring that professional. They know the secrets. Plus booking an appointment kind of forces you to wear matching clothes and take your hair out of that ponytail you always wear. 😉

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