As time flies…

When was the last time you had your photos taken? No. Not “you” as in you took little Tommy, or Suzie, or Joey to get those adorable holiday/birthday/soccer/cheerleading photos taken…YOU. As in, look in the mirror. THAT person.

You would be surprised as to the number of people I’ve asked that responded with: “Oh, um…I THINK right after when Suzie was born,” (Suzie being the first kid of 3, I might add). Even worse: “Umm…my wedding day?”

We all know that time passes. And it passes fast. There aren’t enough hours in the day for me to get everything done I HAVE to do, let alone the things I WANT to do. If this doesn’t sound like you, you are definitely a superhero in my eyes.

I remember my son being born in the hospital, just like it was yesterday. I had toxemia, the nurse told me I was going to die (yeah, that’s a fun story for another day). After the doctor calmed me down and clarified things, I was worried about the poor puppy we had just bought being lonely. And I cried. A lot. About the puppy. And after my son was born, I looked at my then husband and said “I could do this again!” (yes, I was on meds). Yep! Just like it was yesterday.


My son is now SEVENTEEN. How many photos have I had taken between now and then? Probably not enough. Too many times I made excuses that I didn’t look the way I wanted. Too fat. Not enough sleep. My hair’s a mess. I’ve used more than my fair share of excuses.

But you know what? My kids don’t care. My daughter tells me at least once every couple of days that I’m beautiful. My husband too. Do I feel like a beauty queen? HELL NO. But this is how she sees me….and how she will want to remember me years down the road.

Memories are grand and all, but sometimes (especially as I’m getting upward in age) needs a little push.

So my point is, don’t keep putting off getting in those photos. You ARE beautiful to the people who love you, no matter how you feel about yourself. It doesn’t matter if those photos are professional or not. Although if you want to look extra good, I suggest hiring that professional. They know the secrets. Plus booking an appointment kind of forces you to wear matching clothes and take your hair out of that ponytail you always wear. 😉

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