A Business Journey – From Start to Finish (maybe)

Last month I decided it was time to close up shop in beautiful San Diego in preparation for our move back to Japan where we’ll be calling home for the next 3 years. And with that move, I decided it would be a perfect time for change. I mean why keep things simple by leaving them as they are, right?

So, I’ve got this great idea (or maybe not…only time will tell) to start a blog post that I’ll update on a weekly basis. Each week I will post goals, and the following week, post if I followed through or not, give any pertinent updates, and set new goals.

So, are you ready?


Goals: Decide who my ideal client is, and put it in writing. Find the most popular social media sites for browsing, and for service shopping.


What social media platforms do you spend the most time on?

FB? Twitter? Google+? IG? Pinterest? LinkedIn?
Something else?

How about when you’re looking for a service? Same, or something along the lines of Yelp or Google or word of mouth?

Week 2: Bombed.
It’s just an excuse, but there’s a lot going on with the move.

Week 3:

Completed: Nothing. AGH!!
I have half of my ideal client written down.
The social media sites are all over the place. But research shows FB has the most users, but I’m finding the most interaction is on Instagram. No leads though. I figured since I’m in limbo, that won’t happen for awhile.


Finish the ideal client write up.
Post at least 1 blog post this week.
Add at least 1 new photo a day to Instagram.

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