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Puppy Birthday Party | Yokosuka Pet Photography | KRUSH Photography

For some of us, our pets are our children too. And for my daughter whose only sibling is grown up and out of the house, ours is also her sister and best friend.

Meet Molly.

We found Molly just hours after I landed back in San Diego (home at the time) from a business trip. My husband asked what I wanted to do, and we ended up going to the Farmer’s Market in Little Italy, which is probably San Diego’s biggest Farmer’s Market of the week…every Saturday.

Anyway, I stopped at the ATM to pull out some money, crossed the street where she was being cuddled by another couple, and I instantly fell in love (with Molly…not the couple). I was pretty surprised that my husband said it was okay, and we took her home and didn’t even look at any other booths that day. And the rest is history.

Today, May 5th, also known as Cinco de Mayo or Children’s Day in Japan, is also Molly’s 4th birthday, and her sister was insistent on throwing her a little party. So today was the first time that I made a cake (from scratch, no less) for a member of my family. I feel a little guilty that it was for the dog, but really, it was quite simple.

We invited Molly’s current best friend, Blue (Molly loves Blue more than Blue loves Molly), my daughter made party hats, I made the cupcakes, and they had a little photoshoot. 2 dogs in a small space isn’t exactly the easiest to shoot, but it was fun nonetheless.

I hope you enjoy these fun little shots!

Birthday Girl...4 today! A quick shot before her guest arrived

Birthday Girl…4 today! A quick shot before her guest arrived



Pupcakes...homemade. Not the prettiest thing, but they were fresh, and apparently delicious. The color is an egg white wash

Pupcakes…homemade. Not the prettiest thing, but they were fresh, and apparently delicious. The color is an egg white wash

Party hats...compliments of her sister. Her's says "4" and Blue's says "Best Friend." <3

Party hats…compliments of her sister. Her’s says “4” and Blue’s says “Best Friend.” <3

Obligatory Party Hat shot

Obligatory Party Hat shot

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Okay, so maybe this is a little bit fun...

Okay, so maybe this is a little bit fun…


Let's bring out the props!

Let’s bring out the props!

This is exhausting...I think we've had enough...

This is exhausting…I think we’ve had enough…

But wait….



Blue ate hers in one gulp and was outta there.

Dear Fellow Business Owner….

Dear Fellow Business Owner,

I have a lot of friends that put their time, hearts, blood, sweat, and tears into their businesses. It’s their life, as I imagine that it is yours.

Their business is a reflection of THEM…not just a service or a paycheck. So when you hear that you’ve lost a client to someone who purposely under-bids you just to get that client, let’s face it…it burns. Not just your pocketbook, but to the very depths of your soul.

“Am I not good enough?”
“Why don’t they like me?”
“What did I do wrong?!?”

Questions like these are likely to run through your brain. Or perhaps you go all out through the five stages of grief. But remember that it’s up to you to pull yourself out.

Just like a relationship, people are either going to appreciate you, or they’re not. And the reasons whether they do or not depends on the person. It comes down to priorities. And those that don’t appreciate you aren’t worth getting upset about. You’re not going to please everyone. Not everyone has to be your friend. Quality. Not Quantity.

When you feel yourself getting dragged down trying to figure out why someone chose the cheaper option, try to remember why you do what you do. What you love about it. The fire that drove you to take the leap to leave a 9-5 job and the security of knowing you can pay your rent and feed your family.

For me, photography is my life. Even if I didn’t get paid, I would still do it. The love will always be there – it’s been there since my parents handed me a Kodak at the ripe old age of 2. I have the vision of a photo my dad took of me holding it on the front steps of our house next to my sister ingrained in my head. You can feel my excitement and love through that shot. When I start to let the business side take over and the worry of money, I find myself going downhill, and it honestly does affect my business.

Re-focus that energy to improve yourself. Not in spite of that client that you lost…that client was never yours to begin with. But to give more to those who admire and appreciate you. And more importantly, for yourself.

Because YOU are the reason that you are successful. Not your pricing. Not your income. Don’t let someone who doesn’t appreciate you tell you differently.

A Business Journey – From Start to Finish (maybe)

Last month I decided it was time to close up shop in beautiful San Diego in preparation for our move back to Japan where we’ll be calling home for the next 3 years. And with that move, I decided it would be a perfect time for change. I mean why keep things simple by leaving them as they are, right?

So, I’ve got this great idea (or maybe not…only time will tell) to start a blog post that I’ll update on a weekly basis. Each week I will post goals, and the following week, post if I followed through or not, give any pertinent updates, and set new goals.

So, are you ready?


Goals: Decide who my ideal client is, and put it in writing. Find the most popular social media sites for browsing, and for service shopping.


What social media platforms do you spend the most time on?

FB? Twitter? Google+? IG? Pinterest? LinkedIn?
Something else?

How about when you’re looking for a service? Same, or something along the lines of Yelp or Google or word of mouth?

Week 2: Bombed.
It’s just an excuse, but there’s a lot going on with the move.

Week 3:

Completed: Nothing. AGH!!
I have half of my ideal client written down.
The social media sites are all over the place. But research shows FB has the most users, but I’m finding the most interaction is on Instagram. No leads though. I figured since I’m in limbo, that won’t happen for awhile.


Finish the ideal client write up.
Post at least 1 blog post this week.
Add at least 1 new photo a day to Instagram.

Riding Lessons

So this is more of a personal blog. I realize I’m VERY behind on those that are more business based, but I my brain is going 50 million different directions and I write and re-write them, and they just never seem to be a true rendition of what I’m trying to say.

So I’m hoping that this, being light and airy with some photos to share will be easier to get out there, so I’m at least posting SOMEthing….

So recently (okay….really not so recently, but last May), I bought a Living Social Deal for my daughter to take some riding lessons at what I thought was a nearby stable. This actually ended up being 30-40 minutes from my house, but I REALLY think is well worth the drive. Anyway, day 1, she fell in love, as I had hoped she would. I grew up with horses in and out of my life during the course of my childhood, and they have always been my favorite animal, especially if you include unicorns in the same grouping.

So, if you’re in the San Diego area, I highly recommend Rancho Del Mar which is located at Deer Springs Equestrian. They give lessons for kids as young as 4, and even to adults.

Day 1 was basics, as I expected and I was pretty impressed both with they way the instructor taught, and with the fact that my daughter wasn’t kicking and screaming or hanging on for dear life. Day 2 was great also, and she was finally able to ride without being lead for a little bit. She had a little bit of difficulty with posting during the trotting portion, and I overheard her telling the instructor that she had fallen off before (which she hadn’t), and she was a little scared. So the instructor did a little game of “Around the World” which got her a little more comfortable in the saddle, and eventually lead to her riding a little bit backwards. I was pretty impressed with that as well.

Anyway, HIGHLY recommend at least trying this. Every child I’ve known to be involved with horses have been very courteous and responsible. I’m hoping this sticks with my sassy little six year old….

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