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Puppy Birthday Party | Yokosuka Pet Photography | KRUSH Photography

For some of us, our pets are our children too. And for my daughter whose only sibling is grown up and out of the house, ours is also her sister and best friend.

Meet Molly.

We found Molly just hours after I landed back in San Diego (home at the time) from a business trip. My husband asked what I wanted to do, and we ended up going to the Farmer’s Market in Little Italy, which is probably San Diego’s biggest Farmer’s Market of the week…every Saturday.

Anyway, I stopped at the ATM to pull out some money, crossed the street where she was being cuddled by another couple, and I instantly fell in love (with Molly…not the couple). I was pretty surprised that my husband said it was okay, and we took her home and didn’t even look at any other booths that day. And the rest is history.

Today, May 5th, also known as Cinco de Mayo or Children’s Day in Japan, is also Molly’s 4th birthday, and her sister was insistent on throwing her a little party. So today was the first time that I made a cake (from scratch, no less) for a member of my family. I feel a little guilty that it was for the dog, but really, it was quite simple.

We invited Molly’s current best friend, Blue (Molly loves Blue more than Blue loves Molly), my daughter made party hats, I made the cupcakes, and they had a little photoshoot. 2 dogs in a small space isn’t exactly the easiest to shoot, but it was fun nonetheless.

I hope you enjoy these fun little shots!

Birthday Girl...4 today! A quick shot before her guest arrived

Birthday Girl…4 today! A quick shot before her guest arrived



Pupcakes...homemade. Not the prettiest thing, but they were fresh, and apparently delicious. The color is an egg white wash

Pupcakes…homemade. Not the prettiest thing, but they were fresh, and apparently delicious. The color is an egg white wash

Party hats...compliments of her sister. Her's says "4" and Blue's says "Best Friend." <3

Party hats…compliments of her sister. Her’s says “4” and Blue’s says “Best Friend.” <3

Obligatory Party Hat shot

Obligatory Party Hat shot

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Okay, so maybe this is a little bit fun...

Okay, so maybe this is a little bit fun…


Let's bring out the props!

Let’s bring out the props!

This is exhausting...I think we've had enough...

This is exhausting…I think we’ve had enough…

But wait….



Blue ate hers in one gulp and was outta there.

A Dance Session | San Diego Photographer | KRUSH Photography


Poised. Precise. Elegant.

It’s what I’ve grown up loving.

I was never lucky enough to be able to take ballet lessons, and so now I live vicariously through my clients by getting to photograph it.

Please take a moment to enjoy and appreciate this very talented dancer and what we were able to capture for her, here in San Diego.

And with the “May Grey” and “June Gloom” season upon us, the clouds were especially good to us for her session. Most people love sunny weather, and we do too, but there’s just something about a cloudy day that makes for perfect lighting and closer to dusk, a lot of moodiness that we here at KRUSH Photography thrive on. It was a win-win for us on this particular evening! Things couldn’t have been better…gorgeous client, amazing theme, and perfect weather.

We love what we do!












Lifestyle – L Family


These days I haven’t been shooting very many families…the concentration has been more on my high school seniors, boudoir, and glamour. And although I feel like these genres fit me the best, there is just something about capturing that family bond, and the innocence of childhood that will get me…every. single. time.


Kids are all unique, but at the same time, they’re the same. The laughter, the playfulness…makes me want to have another…um…almost. And then I realize that the playing field wouldn’t quite be fair when it’s just me with the kiddos. I always envision that situation where mom is tied or duct taped to a chair, and the kids are having a great time yelling and breaking the fine china. So in the meantime, I’m perfectly happy when a family lets me into their world of playfulness for a fraction of their day.


Last Saturday I was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to capture some beach moments with the L family. Lifestyle sessions are my favorite with little ones (outside of acting and modeling portfolio sessions). They tend to feel less stressed, and less pinned down, so they get to be themselves. They get to run, play, and sometimes eventually get soaked (haha!).


I hope you enjoy a few of the moments that were captured with this amazing family!

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