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Teen Modeling Portfolio | Yokosuka Modeling Portraits | KRUSH Photography

It’s so difficult to decide what my favorite thing is to shoot, but helping an aspiring model to build her portfolio is definitely one of them.

This session was both on location in Yokohama, as well as in our studio. It was a long day for her, but we were just getting her prepared for what’s to come. The life of a model can be tiring and can sometimes last up to 18 hours in a single day. We didn’t go that long, but we didn’t want to scare her off before she got started. =)

Not only was she a trooper during the shoot, but we spent quite a few hours leading up to this shoot shopping for outfits and picking a wardrobe with some different options for her.

Say hello to Julia, who did an amazing job on her shoot, and was strong all the way through. Cold weather in a strapless dress isn’t as easy as she makes it look! I look forward to working with her again in the near future!

Makeup by Rosie Hunter Makeup Artistry out of Yokosuka, Japan
Wardrobe selection by KRUSH Photography

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San Diego Photographer | Glamour Session – Angie

You’ll notice over the next few weeks I will be working on getting the blog updated. Lot of stories and images to share – both business and personal, but I have been a little swamped.

So I want to start with sharing a few images from our session with the gorgeous Angie. I sometimes get clients that remind me of someone, and most of the time I can’t quite place who it is. For Angie, I feel like she looks a lot like Jennifer Garner. What do you think?

Angie is an amazing lady…both inside and out. She serves are military, is a mom, and just an overall sweet woman. And she is absolutely amazing in front of the camera. I get all sorts of clients – some are comfortable and need very little direction, some need some direction, and some need lots. And I can’t really say that I prefer one type over the other, to be honest. I think I just love my job too much. =) Anyway, Angie was a natural. I look forward to working with her again in the future!

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Surf Shoot

As you can see, I am VERY behind in my blogging. I will do my best to get better!

So, a little while ago, I had put together a shoot that I really wanted to do. If you follow me on Facebook, this is the blog I promised to write that was a little on the strange side…

I was able to find a beautiful model, already had the perfect location, and a very good friend of mine, Jessica, offered to help me as well.

When we arrived at our location, I was a little sad because the waves weren’t as I wanted them to be. The plan was to get some surfing shots to start, and then move on to posed shots on the beach when the sun went down. It was a cloudy day, which is a little unusual for San Diego for this time of year, it was a little chilly, and very little surf. I decided right away I wouldn’t have the model suffer in the cold even though I already had one of my backup cameras set to go in the waterproof shooting bag.

We met up with Heather, who is a college student, and your typical surfer girl. She’s also a fill in dance instructor. BONUS! Hopefully we’ll get some shots pertaining to dance in the future… ANYWAY, with board and camera equipment in hand, we worked our way down the the surf, put our stuff down and proceeded to get started. And that’s when SHE walked up. 1 liter OJ in hand (which probably had a little something extra in it), she announced we were doing it all wrong, and that she KNOWS photography. I was amused and wanted to hear what she had to say. BIG mistake. She walked up to our model and proceeded to tell her how she should stand, and then we had our own personal stylist. She tousled her hair, adjusted her upper bathing suit for what seemed like 10 minutes, and told her how to stand. Then she adjusted her bathing suit…AGAIN. Then, and only then, did she announce that she wasn’t trying to molest her or anything. Definitely amusing, and our model was a good sport and appeased our new friend until she was off again to play in the surf.


So our shoot continued, and we moved down to the other end of the beach to get some of the amazing gray skies and rock scenes you’ll see below. We were only interrupted a few seconds when our new friend tromped through a bit upset, saying “I’m not drunk! I’m emotional!” but then she was good. Overall, probably the most “what the heck” shoot I’ve had in a very long time…

Enjoy the shots!

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