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Homecoming – J Family

I hold Homecoming sessions very near and dear to my heart. It may be someone else’s loved ones returning home, but I know the feeling of excitement and anticipation all to well.

I was very touched and honored to have Mrs. J contact me to capture these special moments for her. And even more so when she told me that this was her first one ever. And do you want me to throw even more special details into this story? They also had sweet baby S. Daddy WAS fortunate to meet baby S before he left, but nothing compares to being with your little ones as they grow.

Sure, you get to miss the sleepless nights, crying fits, diaper blow outs, and the other not-so-fun stuff that comes with having a baby, but every sailor dad I’ve ever met swears to me that they would gladly switch places to give mom a break if they could. Pictures, emails, phone calls…nothing even comes close to comparing. That’s one of the many sacrifices that these men and women make to serve our country.

So, without further ado, I’ll share a few of their moments with you.

Welcome home, Mr. J!















Lifestyle – L Family


These days I haven’t been shooting very many families…the concentration has been more on my high school seniors, boudoir, and glamour. And although I feel like these genres fit me the best, there is just something about capturing that family bond, and the innocence of childhood that will get me…every. single. time.


Kids are all unique, but at the same time, they’re the same. The laughter, the playfulness…makes me want to have another…um…almost. And then I realize that the playing field wouldn’t quite be fair when it’s just me with the kiddos. I always envision that situation where mom is tied or duct taped to a chair, and the kids are having a great time yelling and breaking the fine china. So in the meantime, I’m perfectly happy when a family lets me into their world of playfulness for a fraction of their day.


Last Saturday I was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to capture some beach moments with the L family. Lifestyle sessions are my favorite with little ones (outside of acting and modeling portfolio sessions). They tend to feel less stressed, and less pinned down, so they get to be themselves. They get to run, play, and sometimes eventually get soaked (haha!).


I hope you enjoy a few of the moments that were captured with this amazing family!

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