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Client Question – Printing and Conversions

Being from a military family, I have friends all over the world. And when they ask me for photography advice, I absolutely love it. No, I’m not being sarcastic. Their questions make me aware of questions that my own clients may have, or just any client as a whole.

So with these questions, I’ve decided to add to my blog (which is pretty inexistent, I know) the questions and answers as they come about. So if you have a question for me, please feel free to message me and I’ll be happy to help out if I can!

Let’s start with this one:


We have pictures from a photographer on CD (they gave us printing rights or whatever you call it). I want to change one of them to black and white and have it printed as a 10×13. Is this something you would recommend (converting to black and white?). Also, how would you recommend we do it to get a quality photo for framing and hanging in our home?



Before you convert it, you need to make sure that the photographer is okay with it. Most are not, but may not have a problem converting it themselves.

Printing rights are not the same as editing rights. Just like posting rights are not the same as printing rights. I’ve been seeing a lot of this recently all over Facebook…especially with school photos. Unless you have the right to post the photo, it’s illegal to scan or take a photo of it and post it up (not that you’re doing this…just a little 411). Again, some photographers may not care, but make sure you ask. Some may happily give you a copy with their watermark to share. Never hurts to ask!

As far as the conversion, it’s not usually a quick click of a button. What you might envision it looking may not be what actually comes out…usually it will be a bunch of different shades of gray (LOL!) and very little black and white. There’s quite a bit of editing that goes above the initial conversion or even just printing in b&w.

As far as quality, I would see if the photographer has a professional printing company that they use. You absolutely CANNOT beat a professional printer. The problems is the general public doesn’t have access to them. Not all photographers will use one or even offer this service for resale…some may only offer digital downloads due to tax purposes. But if they can’t/won’t order one for you from a professional lab, does pretty decent prints. Anything above an 8×12 I would suggest going with metal or something similar instead of a paper print. Just my personal opinion. =)